Hi  :)
My name is Kristján Leó and this is my website!
I really like Pokémon as you may already have guessed.

First a little bit about me

Name : Kristján Leó Alfreðsson
Nickname : KLEÓ, Kicki
Nationality: Iceland
Age : 10 years old (Born 2013)

Live in Sweden with my parents and two younger sisters.

I love to read, write and paint.

When I grow up I want to be a paleontologist. Fossils and the history of the earth is an exciting subject and you can agree that dinosaurs are pretty cool! 


I am trying to collect one card of each Pokémon! Would love to trade cards with you and talk about Pokémon.
If you can help me "collect them all" that would make me really happy! :)

Here is a list of  the Pokémon's missing in my collection
Click here

Here is a list of  the Pokémon's that I have duplicates and if you are missing them I would love to trade
Click here 

If you want to trade please fill out the contact form
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All Missing Cards

#65 - Alakazam 

#406 - Budew 

#458 - Mantyke 

#493 - Arceus 

#564 - Tirtouga 

#565 - Carracosta 

#773 - Silvally 

#793 - Nihilego 

#794 - Buzzwole 

#796 - Xurkitree 

#800 - Necrozma 

#882 - Dracovish 

#984 - Great Tusk 

#987 - Flutter Mane 

#989 - Sandy Shocks 

#990 - Iron Treads 

#992 - Iron Hands 

#995 - Iron Thorns 

#1000 - Gholdengo 

#1005 - Roaring Moon 

#1006 - Iron Valiant 

#1009 - Walking Wake 

#1010 - Iron Leaves 

Here is a cool picture of me and Farfetch'd and Snorlax, holding one of my favorite reading material (Neverending Story) in Icelandic :)

Reykjavíkur Maraþon Íslandsbanka

My mother ran in the Reykjavíkur Maraþon Íslandsbanka (2023) to Support the Association for Children with Cancer.
If you can support, it would mean alot to us :) We are #TEAMABRA

The process of me getting better 

I wanted to share my story and hope that it will help others who are in a difficult situtation just like me.

I am working on the website and will add more content as I am feeling better and when my parents can assist me.

2023/02/13 - Diagnos: brain tumor

2023/02/15 - Operation/Surgery

Completed: 30 sessions proton radiation

2024/02/22 - Cytostatika - 8th treatment of 8 in progress